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The Global Leading Supplier of Intelligent Security

Anviz Global

Established in 2005, Anviz Global is one of the global leading supplier of intelligent security who covers the solution of Biometrics, Surveillance and Integrated security. We devote ourselves into providing the safer, smarter integrated security solution by our edge technologies and innovative heart. And our solution is widely used in government, retail, industrial, commercial, educational and medical applications.
With headquarter in US, R&D center in Shanghai, and production base in Yancheng city, China, our products and solutions equipped with more than 50 million end users by 2000 integrators and installers among more than 100 countries.
We keep creating values to our shareholders, partners and employees, also take energy saving and environment protecting responsibilities to the society.

Anviz created and developed a self-intelligent, multi-biometric verification algorithm named BioNANO. Incorporating fingerprint, facial, iris and vein recognition in one core application, BioNANO has excelled over other competitors to become the world's most efficient and stable identification algorithm. Our constant R&D enhancements in multi-biometric and RFID technology continue to lead the industry in identification and security. The BioNANO Algorithm is used daily by 60 million people all over the world. Anviz technology products and applications already span the globe and will continue to grow through our commitment and valued partners.




Intelligent security relies heavily on technological development. The boundary between intelligent security and computers is gradually disappearing. Intelligent security technology encompasses numerous functions including, image transmission & storage, data storage & processing, access control, alarm and surveillance, etc. A major advantage of intelligent security is the simplicity and universality of uses. Many of the products and technology are interchangeable and can be used for by any company and individual.


Innovation is crucial to Anviz, and therefor R&D is a key priority of our business. As new technologies emerge, we invest heavily to remain a leader and not a follower. Our key to success is our people. The Anviz R&D team consists of a mix of international developers, including support from many of our global offices.


A critical way that Anviz plans for the future and the increasingly competitive marketplace is through our commitment to R&D. Each year we invest at least 10% of our sales revenue in R&D activities. Anviz is committed to leading technology standardization and securing intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property

Anviz is the owner of over 50 international patents including our core algorithm, BioNano. BioNano is now a matured algorithm in version 10. Anviz will continue to push and build its intellectual property portfolio through its investment in R&D and the quest for innovation.

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